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Working at DKC is about making an impact on a large or small scale.  We seek qualified and skilled professionals who use creativity and ingenuity to find an opportunity where others don’t. Professionals who are passionate and receive gratification in their work. People who use their skillset to help organizations across the world achieve organizational agility through business design. 


Do you have a wish list of things you want to do when you retire? Or, things you would do now, if you had the means to do so?  For some, the dream will be realized sooner rather than later. How soon depends on a number of factors.


The federal government is faced with a talent shortage and difficulty recruiting top technical, and mission domain experts. Employers – like DKC Group – are more amenable to catering to the needs of a virtual workforce. We offer flexibility in scheduling, remote work opportunities, part-time work that pays well and allows you to continue benefiting from the wealth of knowledge and tenured experience you’ve amassed over the course of career working with the federal government. For DKC Group, these are the ingredients that extraordinary people are made of.

DKC Group scouts for, and cultivates, individual strategic partnerships that strengthens the competition in the federal contracting and acquisition marketplace.


DKC Group provides a unique opportunity to knowledge workers, who wish to leverage their time and expertise continuing to support critical public-sector missions, while accruing lifestyle benefits. Be you own boss.


We are hiring consultants on a part-time, on-demand basis, that are recognized among peers as leaders in their respective fields – with career responsibilities which include design, review, implementation, and analysis of discrete elements of a federal program.



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