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D. Kent Consulting Group, LLC (DKC Group) is a women-owned, management consulting firm founded with a strong commitment to the continuation of organizational performance excellence.  With decades of experience in leading and remediating large, complex federal program initiatives, we believe that organizational knowledge has the potential to create and sustain business values. 



We support small to large organizations across the federal market space. We employ and optimize “just-in-time” access to a community of mission domain experts who share an affinity to public service and when mobilized can serve as force multipliers behind any capture team in the six core service areas below.

Discussing the Numbers

Pursuit Assessment: 

Assisting clients in determining the value of effort and identify information, resource and actions that need to be conducted in the time remaining until the Request for Proposal (RFP) release.

In a Meeting

Opportunity Assessment:  

Supporting clients in understanding the customer's needs, issues, motivators, hot buttons and, as an end result, developing a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the acquisition.

Analyzing the Markets



Helping clients identify the capabilities of all market players, their solutions, and the customer's perceptions of a competitor’s relative standing in the competition.

Business Meeting

Internal Client Assessment:  

Aiding clients in assessing the company’s capabilities and solutions, involving detailing gaps in capability that need to be addressed, and participating in Black Hat and other strategy sessions both in-person and via conference call.

Business Meeting

Solution Design Assessment

Interacting with client staff to understand acquisition objectives and explore mutually beneficial alternatives that are advantageous to the client.

Go Team

Solution Strategy Assessment:  

Assisting clients in identifying, and prioritizing, the client’s most pressing hot button items and critical issues. 


Our business solutions architecture and business engineering expertise in the U.S. federal government supports our depth of management consulting knowledge across multiple lines of business. We believe that organizational knowledge has the potential to create and sustain business value.


Business Strategies

We specialize in the crafting of agile and actionable strategies and tactics which inform, and leverage guiding principles established by our clients to facilitate a desired pattern of decision making.

Business Partners at Work

Business Architectures

We specialize in architectures that represent the business as a manifestation of the corporate strategy, achieving the results delivered by the enterprise initiatives.

Business Brainstorm

Business Engineering

We apply mastery of interfaces between intellectual capital management, technology adoption and business operations to optimize resiliency in knowledge-driven organizations.

Business Handshake

Business Management 

We work with clients to improve the maturity and performance of a series of day to day administrative and management functions. 



"I had the pleasure of working both for and with Deborah in the federal government and I was always in awe of her ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas - even people who were initially not on board. She is a quick and avid learner - her exceptional skill at comprehending and being able to communicate with a wide and diverse audience made our program office more efficient and respected by both DHS and TSA leadership. Loyal, insightful, and caring and she is more than capable of adapting to new environments. Highly recommend Deborah for organizations needing help in strategizing, architecture, engineering, and business management skills-she delivers."

Acquisition Program/Project Manager at Department Homeland Security

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