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Introducing D. Kent Consulting Group, LLC

DKC Group is the Growing Management Consulting Firm Creating Value for Government and Private Sector Clients

Our Story

D. Kent Consulting Group, LLC (DKC Group), in business since 2016, is a management consulting firm that promotes organizational agility and resilience. The CEO, Deborah Kent, is a retired federal executive with 33 years of experience, who excels in management consulting and solution architectures on large and complex federal programs. Following her retirement, Mrs. Kent founded the Washington D.C. area-based DKC Group to execute her continued commitment to “good government” – one of the country’s foundational drivers. 


DKC Group promotes strong and strategic public and private sector partnerships that create value-added services for the American public. DKC Group executes its stewardship to good government through increasing the competitive stance of its small, mid-tier and large clients that are interested in pursuing federal contract opportunities. The company excels in the effective delivery of capture and management consulting services and Information Technology (IT) support services across programming, project management and technology solutions. DKC Group’s commitment is to provide the highest levels of client satisfaction and the greatest possible return on investment for its private and public sector partners. 


DKC Group employs and optimizes “just-in-time” access to a community of mission domain experts who can serve as force multipliers behind any capture team in the six core assessment service areas (Pursuit, Opportunity, Market, Internal Client, Solution Design, and. Solution Strategy).


Our business solutions architecture and business engineering expertise in the U.S. federal government supports our depth of management consulting knowledge and IT support services across multiple lines of business. DKC Group’s goal is to provide our organizational knowledge to create and sustain business and mission values through Business Architecture, Business Engineering, Business Management, Finance and Accounting and IT Support Services.


The Washington D.C. area is filled with government consulting firms and each offer “expert” services to help private firms go after government contracts.  With DKC Group, you don’t need to shop around for multi-disciplined consultants to support your PWIN goals and performance objectives. DKC Group takes a different approach by providing just in-time, multi- faceted  thought leadership support to create and sustain value-added service for its clients.  


For additional information on DKC Group’s services or how to become one of our trusted and strategic partners,  please contact DKC Group  at

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