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Introducing DKC Group

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

DKC Group is the Growing Management Consulting Firm Creating Value for Government and Private Sector Clients

D. Kent Consulting Group, LLC (DKC Group) is a management consulting firm that promotes organizational agility and resilience. The founder and CEO, Deborah Kent, is a retired federal executive who excels in management consulting and solution architectures on large and complex federal programs. Following retirement, Ms. Kent started the Washington D.C.-based DKC Group to execute her continued commitment to “good government” – one of the country’s foundational drivers and an edict in which the government is responsible for securing the rights of the people, promoting their engagement and advancing their will.

DKC Group is founded on civic-minded principles that promote strong and strategic public and private sector partnerships that create value-added services for the American public. DKC Group executes its stewardship to good government through increasing the competitive stance of its small, mid-tier and large clients that are interested in pursuing federal contract opportunities. The company excels in the effective delivery of capture and management consulting services. DKC Group’s commitment is to provide the highest levels of client satisfaction and the greatest possible return on investment for its private and public sector partners.

DKC Group adheres to a core set of guiding principles which promote the strategic management of intellectual capital and organizational knowledge to help clients plan, design and orchestrate enterprise strategies and tactics. DKC Group offers teams of tenured, mission domain and subject matter experts who bring a unique combination of business acumen, operational knowledge and professional networks to bear and in support of client driven strategic initiatives. DKC Group excels in the delivery of right-sized and tailored business strategy, architectures, engineering and operations management services. This team serves as a catalyst to helping clients realize operational and efficiency performance goals.

Why Choose DKC Group?

The Washington D.C. area is filled with government consulting firms and each offer expert services to help private firms go after government contracts. With DKC Group, you don’t need to shop around for multi-disciplined consultants to support your PWIN goals and performance objectives. DKC Group takes a different approach by providing just in-time, multi-disciplined thought leadership support to create and sustain value-added service for its clients.

For additional information on DKC Group’s services or how to become one of their trusted and strategic partners, please contact DKC Group at

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